Tmavé Pivo


Tmavé Pivo is the sort of beer brewers get excited about. An obscure lager style that kinda only gets made in one place? Sign us up! Tmavé Pivo, essentially“dark beer” in Czech, is the Bohemian cousin to German Schwarzbier. Malty, round, with some dark malt flavor but none of the acrid roast character one might find in a stout, Tmavé Pivo is everything we want dark lager to be. Our version of this classic is decoction-mashed for extra malt intangibles, and is balanced out by an addition of spicy, herbal Kazbek hops. Honestly, y’all, this is the sort of beer we’d brew all the time if we could. 

ABV: 4.4%

All crowlers and bottles are 750 mL.

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