Flavor Pop Technology Vol. 2


We’re still having fun experimenting with the juicy, tropical side of hops through our hazy IPAs. “Flavor Pop Technology” is a fun phrase that one of our longtime friends (and now suppliers) uses to talk about the latest and greatest in aromatic compound research and hop application techniques. Fun! For this beer, we took Idaho 7 and a top-secret cryo blend, and we introduced them in a few different ways during fermentation to maximize the tropical vibes. We also used a cool-fermenting kolsch yeast to kick in a bit of a fruity character.  The result is a super juicy and lightly sweet beer with big pineapple and banana runts notes. We brewed this repeat batch with the actual go-to-market blend of varieties and specific lots that will start hitting fermenters sometime in 2021, so consider this an exclusive preview.

ABV: 6.8%

Allergens: None

All crowlers and bottles are 750 mL.

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